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100 Japanese Tattoo Designs By Horimouja Pdf Free

This book features 100 Japanese tattoo designs by famous artist Horimouja. Each page of the quality book contains a traditional Japanese design to use as a base for a tattoo, and all images are in classic black and white. They cover Tengu, Kappa, Yuri, Koi, Phoenix and more, for a large assortment that exceeds readers' expectations. There are intricate designs, as well as simpler ones, in a range of sizes.

100 japanese tattoo designs by horimouja pdf free

The 100 Japanese Tattoo Designs book by Horimouja is an excellent resource to have on display in any reputable tattoo parlour or in a tattoo artist's personal book collection. It provides creativity for anyone flipping through the pages who wonders what tattoo design to get next. The soft cover book is great to own as it features popular Japanese art and has tasteful designs. 350c69d7ab


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