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Signcut Productivity Pro 1.95

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Signcut Productivity Pro 1.95

And I haven't been able to contour cut on it myself of course. Granted I don't have Flexistarter 8.6v2 or 10 (a $217 CAD test investment if I buy the listing you posted on eBay), 11 or 12 to try or I would without doubt. I came across some information that SignCut Productivity Pro 1.95 wouldn't work at all with the on-screen micro adjustment keys and the Copam but I haven't tried 1.96 or 2 beta. If the software wasn't so darn expensive and so critical to getting any cutter to work properly, then I'd gladly ditch my SignGo Pro FD 1.20. I'll have to go on a trial spree one day after I image my computer and find out one way or another...

Ya, after spending hours trying to get SignGo to contour cut with the Copam, I give up...the calibration controls for the program to communicate with the cutter won't even move. It should be moving the cutter head but instead nothing happens, period. Similar to what this person was dealing with: -contour-cutting-with-copam-cp-2500-and-signcut/ 350c69d7ab


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