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ReFx Nexus 2 Expansion Apres-ski: A Review

ReFx Nexus 2 Expansion Apres-ski: A Review

ReFx Nexus 2 is a popular VST plugin that offers a wide range of sounds and presets for music production. One of the expansion packs that you can get for Nexus 2 is Apres-ski, which features sounds inspired by winter sports and mountain resorts. In this article, we will review the Apres-ski expansion pack and see what it has to offer.

ReFx Nexus 2 Expansion apres-ski.torrent

What is Apres-ski?

Apres-ski is a French term that means "after skiing". It refers to the social activities and entertainment that take place after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Apres-ski can include anything from drinking hot chocolate and relaxing by the fireplace, to partying at a nightclub or enjoying live music. Apres-ski is also a style of music that blends elements of dance, pop, rock, and folk, with catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms.

What does Apres-ski offer?

The Apres-ski expansion pack for Nexus 2 contains 128 presets that are designed to capture the mood and atmosphere of apres-ski. The presets are divided into categories such as arpeggios, basses, leads, pads, plucks, and sequences. The sounds are suitable for genres such as dance, pop, house, trance, electro, and more. The expansion pack also includes a bonus folder with 50 extra presets from other Nexus 2 expansions.

How does Apres-ski sound?

The Apres-ski expansion pack has a variety of sounds that range from warm and cozy to energetic and festive. Some of the sounds are reminiscent of classic synth-pop and eurodance hits from the 80s and 90s, while others are more modern and futuristic. The sounds are rich and full, with crisp highs and deep lows. The presets are easy to use and tweak, with intuitive controls and modulation options. The expansion pack also has a high-quality sound engine that ensures smooth playback and low CPU usage.


The Apres-ski expansion pack for Nexus 2 is a great addition to your sound library if you are looking for some fun and fresh sounds for your music production. The expansion pack has a wide range of sounds that can suit different styles and moods. The sounds are well-crafted and versatile, with a high level of detail and quality. The expansion pack is also affordable and easy to install. If you are a fan of apres-ski music or winter sports in general, you will enjoy the Apres-ski expansion pack for Nexus 2.Where can you get Apres-ski?

The Apres-ski expansion pack for Nexus 2 is available on the official reFX website[^1^] [^2^]. You can purchase it for US$60 and download it instantly. You will need to have Nexus 2 installed on your computer, and the expansion pack is only compatible with Nexus 2, 3, and 4. You can also watch a video preview of the Apres-ski sounds on YouTube[^3^].

What are some tips for using Apres-ski?

Here are some tips for using the Apres-ski expansion pack for Nexus 2:

  • Use the arpeggios and sequences to create catchy and rhythmic patterns for your songs. You can adjust the speed, length, and direction of the arpeggios and sequences with the controls on the Nexus interface.

  • Use the leads and basses to add melody and groove to your tracks. You can use the modulation wheel to change the sound of some presets, such as adding vibrato, filter cutoff, or pitch bend.

  • Use the pianos and pads to create warm and cozy atmospheres for your songs. You can layer them with other sounds or use them as solo instruments.

  • Use the guitars and brasses to add some live and organic elements to your songs. You can use them as accents or main parts of your songs.

  • Use the effects and drums to spice up your tracks with some transitions and fills. You can use the FX menu to access different types of effects, such as uplifters, downlifters, sweepers, and bouncers.

What are some alternatives to Apres-ski?

If you are looking for some other expansion packs for Nexus 2 that have similar or complementary sounds to Apres-ski, you can check out these options:

  • Dance Vol.3: This expansion pack has 128 presets of dance sounds that cover various genres such as house, trance, electro, hardstyle, and more. It has powerful leads, basses, arpeggios, pads, plucks, and drums that will make your tracks sound professional and energetic.

  • Hollywood: This expansion pack has 128 presets of cinematic sounds that are inspired by Hollywood movies and TV shows. It has epic orchestral sounds, such as strings, brasses, choirs, pianos, percussions, and more. It also has some synth sounds that add some modern flair to your tracks.