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The Gun Eaters REPACK

"A fresh batch of M27 rifles leaving Georgia headed to the Devil Dogs," the post read, alongside photographs of rows of the guns ready for shipping. "If any of you crayon eaters are reading this, please treat them nice, even though we built them to be Marine proof."

The Gun Eaters

Sparkeaters are powerful and monstrous predators, so rarely seen that they are largely believed by Cybertronians to be mythical. As such, mere mention of them can invoke a sense of supernatural terror even among battle-hardened warriors. Little is firmly known of their habits or origin, but it is apparent that multiple denizens of Cybertron possess the capacity to become one of these unfortunate, cannibalistic creatures, from ordinary Transformers to lowly turbofoxes. Tracking the intensity of their prey's spark energy, they are able to immobilize and kill Transformers without making physical contact, through powers that seem to defy conventional explanation. Once consumed, the sparks linger in their abdomens and are slowly digested.

Little is known about Sparkeaters by the Cybertronian populace at large. Rodimus believed that the only things capable of neutralizing them were extreme technologies like "industrial strength energy dampeners", "nullification booths", and "level-9 containment fields". The Chaos of Warm Things A self-deluded Decepticon named Blip deified Sparkeaters, and even professed to be one. He was slain for this heresy by the Decepticon Justice Division The Chaos of Warm ThingsThe Permanent Revolution who themselves also professed to have tamed a Sparkeater as their pet, Rules of Disengagement Who's Afraid of the DJD? but they were just lying to scare people. At Close of Day

The existence of Sparkeaters is, in actuality, an ontological paradox. The legend of the monsters would inspire Autobot scientist Brainstorm to invent a gun that could transform those shot with it into Sparkeaters. Unaware of what the weapon was or what it did, Whirl took the gun with him when he and the crew of the Lost Light embarked on a time-travel adventure four million years into the past. While in the past, Whirl shot a Senate goon with the weapon; the robot subsequently mutated into the first Sparkeater to chronologically exist, and went on to inspire the legend in the first place. Stet

When the Lost Light arrived at Cyberutopia, they found it to be nothing more than an elaborate illusion created by Mederi. Soon afterwards, they came under attack from the Phantom Fleet before Getaway managed to bargain with the Grand Architect. To prove his loyalty to the being, Getaway turned his crew over to Scorponok and allowed them to be turned into sparkeaters. Lūstrāre

Popular among locals as the double-barrel saviour, Lakhpat Singh Rawat, 50, has gunned down 45 man-eaters in 13 years, while Corbett had killed 33 during 1907 and 1938. Rawat had hunted one tiger too as his 35th kill in 2011, while Corbett had shot down 19 man-eater tigers and 14 leopards," says deputy director of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Saket Badola. 350c69d7ab


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