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THE Note Pe Chot At 8 11

Satire Comedy NA 09 Mar 2018 Hindi Go To: Cast and Crew News Story Photos and Videos (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();SummaryCritic ReviewsUser ReviewsStory:Note Pe Chot At 8/11 is a Hindi Satire Comedy based on the demonetization and the impact it had on people. The Plot: When you want to do something big with your money to show your money power and the very next moment you hear the voice "bhaiyo beheno" in your TV Sets and a big declaration occurs on note ban. In no time you find your dreams scattered. Now what next you do to retain your pomposity. Its all about that. Its a family entertainer and a social satire what compels you to think before splurging your money on petty things.If you are a representative of the production house, kindly send the synopsis to support@moviekoop.comCast and Crew: Manoj Bakshi Priya Choudhury Disha Sachdeva Directed by: Imran Ahmed Khan Produced by: Bala Sharma (Jyoti Sharma), Mudit Jain Screenplay:Pankaj TiwariStory by:Pankaj Tiwari Music by:Neeru-Tochi Raina, RaulCinematography (DOP):Raju GognaEdited by:JD SinghProduction Company:Kreative Krishna Entertainment, Umaraji EntertainmentDistributed by:Adamant PicturesEnglish Subtitles:No (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();Sorry.. We are yet to have any critic reviews for this movie.Did you watch this movie? How much do you feel it was worth?Your Rating 1 star. 2 stars. 3 stars. 4 stars. 5 stars. The Ticket was worth: Rs.0.00 Vote NowOur Score Board:Rs.0 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% = Rs.30 = Rs.75 = Rs.150 = Rs.300 = Rs.600 Add to Wishlist (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();Note Pe Chot At 8/11 Photos and Videos Coming Soon....Free Tickets Contest Pathaan Hindi 25 January 2023 Kranti Kannada 26 January 2023 Shehzada Hindi 10 February 2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania English 17 February 2023 Maidaan Hindi 17 February 2023 Abbabba Kannada 2023Know More View More Fashion: Check out all the pictures of Athiya Shetty-KL Rahul's Wedding

THE Note Pe Chot at 8 11

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his father lieenliTud t Union CollDLu when Hint collet was ntthom height of Its laino under lr llphalotNott holllt Jon Is Frederick W Howard whowas In tie clus noxt bolow young ArthurFays of his xghnnt days Chot aa nu all calledbiO lI na time must popular boy In hIs class Howao always ten Imil and cheerful a Rood scholarand apt In d > > bato Eon In those days hn took Ion active interest In polltlca He was IS WhlRTo aid in dufraylnt hI4 XI > It CheHtnr Itaught country schools during pirta of twowinters but kept taco with Ills uians whIle nbBent Ho wits graduated In the class of 1818clBSDetermined not to bo I further burden onhis father ho taught tho lllnuo Btlirol fortwo years At time and of that tIme with 1500In his pocket he camo to New York andtiocamo n law etudont In tho ofllco of KraatusD Culver Two years later ho was ndmlttodto tho bar Mr Culver showed his confldnnco In his iirornlulnc strident by takinghim into partnership lu 1853 Mr Culvor wasp elected Civil Judge In Brooklyn and the partri nership was dissolved Mr Arthur thonlormnd a partnership wIth Henry V Gardinerwith a view to practising In some crowingWestern city The young lawyers wont Waitand spent three months In prospecting for alocality to theIr tosto Not finding they roturned hired on omco In this city and bofore lone hud a good buslnofs Tho most notedcases In which Mr Arthur appeared In hisearly career as n lawyer wore the Jjcmmonelne case nnd the suit of Lizzie Ion nines ncolored woman and the superintendent of aBunday school for colored children who wasejected from n Fourth avenue horse oar afterher fare hid boon accepted by tho conductorbccnu a whlto passenger objected to herpresence Sims sund tho company and a vordh > t for iSOO damages was awarded to her Thoestablishment of this precedent caused thoBtroot railroad companies of tho city to lasuo anorder that colored persons should bn allowed totravel in tholrcnrs Mr Gardiner died In 18C5t In 1871 Mr Arthur entered Into a new partnership the firm name bolD Arthur PholpsKnevals Tho late District Attorney Benjamin K motes was a member of the llrmc4 i just before the formation of this firm Mri Arthur was appointed to bo counsel to theTax Commissioners at 10000 a yearliHtoro tho war Mr Arthur was JudsoAdvocate of the Second Brigade of the Statellllltla Early In 1861 Gov Morgan appointedhim EnclnoerlnOnlof on his military staffIt was whon ho held that office In DecemberIPO that the taking of the rebel emissaries Mason and Blldoll from a British vesnulthreatened to Involve this country In war withKnchmi Now York city was practically defenceless against n hostile fleet Mr Arthurnt onco summoned to his aid a Board of thomost experienced enclneers and in a fewveeks an elaborate ohm for tho defence of theI harbor by means of cribs of timber ladenwith stone and chained together had beenL1 devised Before tho work was completed1 the difficulty with Encland was adjustedOn the 271h of January 18112 ho was promoted to be QuartermasterGeneral flu boldthis omeo until Morenns term expiredGen Arthur was an active RepublIcan fromthe formation of that party Ills llrst oto forresident was cuon to Gon Wlnflold Scott In1852 lIe was active as a worker and speakerin the Fremont campaIgn of 185C Soon afterthe close of the civil war ho became prominent In the manaeenvent of his party Inthis city Ho was for a time Chairman of thoCounty Committee of Ibo Republicans whomot at Broadway Twentythird street andWas an active frlond of Oov Morn and avigorous opponent of Oov Fentnn In 1871 hoWas appointed Collector of tho Port of NewYork That office ho hold for over six yearstill on tine 21t > t of July 1878 ho was suspended by It It 1 Hayes with whosoAdministration ho had not been In accord At limo tlmo of tho suspensionno chaws wore made against tho Collectorfo got only Miiliat notice from John Shermanthat Mr Ilaies di > sln > d to appoint inn Morriltto tho often In the following winter whenIon Merrills name was sent to tho Senatefor confirmation n voluminous rportfrom Mr Sherman embodying chargesagainst Gen Arthurs management oftho office was pioented In reply totho charges Gun Arthur wrote a letterto Senator Conkllnu rulowing his administration Ho produced slitlstlcs to Miowthat durIng his term of over six years inorTlco iho percentage of rcninala wasonly 3V nuilnst nu annual nvorito of23 per cent under his threii urertocoscrt and all nppolntmunts to clerkshipscommandini 2000 u lour ovept two woremade on asjMnm of advancement from lowerto hluher uiadiS on Iso n reins rout dint Iii ofhinds of buriaiiH Gain 1IIIIIIs nominationwas cnnflnnnd and Gun Arthur roturnid totho practice of tIme mw In Itm ho Ins electedChairman of tIm publican Stile CoinmlttooGin Arthurs nomination for Vlce1reRlilontIn 1R8H was IIH muih n surprlsn as that ofIon GmlloM for the llrot plnco on thotlclcit Ho I had not boon niuntloned na ncandid ito lud Ills own dnpcatlon hadnot thouuht rf presentIng his name until the roll IOn tint Whn Now York was reached tine callthe ilnli uitlnii anted to bo nziiispil from votIngtor a time Tlin Lion Stwart U Vooilfordft ttho von for t Vt it tic lh lea 1 I II mg can U hllltil hadboon LII him 11 1 I intro but thn thin jnlcHlyturniid The Ohio mAil wore disposed to buconciliatory and swung oor to Arthur whoWIIR iiiiinlnaod on tIne 11 rst ballot The voteutooil Arthur408 Washburne 193 MarshallJivcll 41 I Horato Maynard MThe roRitfiiatlons or Senators Itnscoo Conklloc itnd Thomas C 1latt occurred while GunArthur was Vlcu1resldent Whan they irmdotheir contost In the LocUlntutH for roClectlinho wont to Albany und did what ho could tot fill them For Ihls ho was soiorelv criticisedby theo opposed toCoukllne and tlattlen Arthur boarlrlff durlni thin Illness ofrrirtl ifliit Garfield was commundod by all asconsiderate dltrnlllcd Prosldnrit GurllulddIed on the evening of Bent 1J 1B81 anti ViceIrililont Arthur took the nath of ofllcn aftImnldnnt lit bin homo In Lexington nmniieHfow hours after Mr Garllelds dealh Within nfew months of In Arthurs becoming 1renldot t Iholllrllhl t I mill net gave Imiaio to 11 l1ablntof Gun Arthurs tl1vuIhlo 1882 Inn ArI thur signed Ihn C Antlliilicnmy bill I and itoedI ho llorniid Hnrlor I hill I I nnd I Inc llrst AntlChlMn bill his Inlluonco assisted In s curinc nit nomlnntion 01 Judge Four for lovernorol this htatKatid thus propand tho WilY bywhich drover Clnaiand panH d to thin Giverliars olllc nnil thence thin Wnlt linn III1833 1rnsldent Arthur Icnod the Civil ServiceSet nnd Ito hill for thn ri net ion of f Ito t tie ri fTA miminrnole feature of this vicar of hU admintstrniinn was the lowering ordinary pcntuuoto two cnl In JIaylroHldent Artiur openedthn llrnokivn brlileeU the Ilnnuhllcan Nntlonixl Convention In1sti 1 President Arthur nasn prominent candilate for ronomlnnlion and smutS In tpcnml toflrIllalni Durlnu this lnrnlohm ha uiivuMri lImbs n rather lukuwarm supportAs President ion Arthurs ninnnnrof llvInu was in great contrast to that of his Nftccm Ho gave freniient dinners and iiipnptlooB knot hnndpomo eijiilinue and spentrrolty much all of his f5UlItJO umrr r ho travelled In various parts of timecountry omit was welcome i cuost at tho homes Iof fMhlnmihla lonloAfter the oxplrailoii of hln term as PrislJentpen Arthur returnud to this city anti rrmirned Ithe rfjeio of law his psrinirs belnBbhornnn W KinNaMnnd Ilastu H Hansomlen Arthur was n moan of strIking appearueo Ho won moro than six feat tall and of> u I 4 2Bond proportions Tile mnnnors were affablenail courtly and ho drosjcd tho prevailingfashion llo I had a cool head Great politicalknonieiltro and a faculty for Inadlnc menNut lone niter his establIshment III the legalprofisslon Oon Arthur mnrrlnd lllnsllorndondnimhtorot lliuit Horndon U S N who wasIon at sea with his vessel the Ontral AmerIcaThey had two children a son and n dauititorliotli of whom are lllnif 1 Mrs Arthur was aiioMitid wIfe and n woman ot many acoomtilfshmenls She dIet In 1880Jon Arthurs Immediate family besides hisons amid daughter conHlils of ono brotherMajor Wllllnin Arthur U H Awho Is slolh > D flit unit Antolllo lex nail live sIsters 1 MrMary MrEiroy wile or John B McElroy or AIhmariy Mrs MIIUIIIII I1II1I1rellIrlh of HenryJ J4nesworth or IlIlhllllohlll Mrs hiegtnnMcCaw a widow Mrs Amelia MARIon wIfe ofJames II Miftonof Cohoos and Miss AnuloL Arthur HchencctndyAXNOVXCKI IN USlllormTke Preililrnl Ihp fitbliict Dud a CommlUcoafHeuntori Ml Attend ibo FuncrntWASRINOTON Nov l8Gin Arthurs deathwas announced to tho President at about 9oclock this morning throuuh a telegram fromMr Arthurs secretary Mr Reid The lineson tho Whlto IIouBonnd tho Government buildin KB woro dlsnlayod at hull mast and on everyhand wero hoard cxpreoslons of regret SocrcLasT Bayard heard of tho oxPresidents deathabout 11 oclock and proceeded directly to theWhite HOUBO to confer with tho President as totho proper course to bo pursued All tho othermembers of the Cabinet arrived at about 12oclock Tho death of Gon Arthur was thoonly subject of discussion at the Cabinet uncutInir anti It was agreed to Issue nn executiveorder announcing tine death of the oxProaldent and directing tnat the Government buildings bo draped In mourning bra period of thirtyilajs and aso that public business bo suspoidod on tine dw Bet apart for tho funeralThe Iroaldout Isxund this proclamation1V the lcjle J nt tFis Hllril I xtalft11111I I > ii i ilnful itutt to atttii dice the dth nf nip terAlnn Ant u r Inlet thu lrv Minl uC lhi I > Unlttil MitotIIIPII uicuriiil Hdcr nn IHinnHof Icliitdiirntinn I nt nilefirly hniir tills iiinrnliiir at din rvonUnce In thi city nrNiwnrk > 1r I Arlliur WIIB cnlleil in I tiC I chnir ot OlderMuKlilmt t nl lie I Dntnn hv a tniLiil 1 y w tic Ii cnst tighniiow Oler the cilia Uoicrituuht llh Anuiiiiilimnt iho I iii I rum tulle 4 UIIH uturke I ii > iin ttrltut 1 nil 1 innrclrntl uaficliM nf tilt rtvi iHinilil Illrs Mill an eiirneKtlrlre tn I lIIe1 them In II nilrlolio met I bniuliMitfilth Ultli illtfinu 0111 l 01111 he puttitlneil Iliu I tinliurl nit ilutlPK n I till ktnlldii mill 1 tie rtpiitaUun irfhU frruid WDrtli 1 ruHnpic MIR Krnclniiiiiii I mlUilrlnUi I IIuri i I Innu I It chtrliluil I f b > till rol tIt 11I11 In tnkpii nr recprct to thir inriiuny nr lion itie tcrnldearinieiiti i ul illnui hailrHiinl iniMirnliiKfir ii rloj ur ilnrtvilHj I nul 1 1101 mi tie Ilay nt tonfuir II all ublte lu iin i lit I the ilermrtmvnu ho I mnprlnltfl Tho Urcrtturl H of lor sit 1 inn the 0 iiVi willcaun intern to Uu Irlinl for ii Imlrlalo military andimnl hour lo be rcintirifil on thiU I Citylions at tlio cOy mit iinlilnntiiii tfiii 18th dAY nfKoM > nitisr lu the > cnn 01 our lint out thournliil elulit Iliunilreil liiil eltfhti 1 x unit of the lintviif lulriicu uf tieUnllcil Mnt t nt America the one hilllilnil 1 nnil eleventhIty tile IrLMloM liHOTIE CLkllUNOlnon r IliTiuo Secretary of staleTbo Deparlmont of State will send out nformal notification uf tip ox1rosldutita docause to nil Untied States Ministers and diplomatic roproentailiThe following order was lesuod from theWar DepartmuntIn eoinpllRnce Wilt the Intruclon nf the Preildenton tile I tiny nf t lie tiniernl nt Cite S nit llary met I lie I I1i rnlhttnnpn und ciitlcls IC nt l 1 lie iinrnileil I mint time niihr real tuIhI in nfler wllli h all Inl urn fir I lie lii 1111 Ceaselie iialionini Hag nlll be llsUrU at half Halt Atdnwii or toy thlrlpen gui will is i Drtil 1 anil afterwardnt Interval of thirty liilnutei between the t icing t minteddie or th inn n ftimlr I RUn mil Kt mine cloic ut thednr n nnllmircl 1 inliite of Ihlrtvelnht iiuninrillg lInTtiv ofllcern of the nrno will wear crape on the leftarm ami on their iwonts and tile COlors of the Italtalfnnof PnKtneirii of the net era regiment And of the Unitedstate Cnrtu of Caltti will be put In niourniim lor theperiod of six inonlhaTile date and moor of the funeral will be eommnnlcatedto Department Cnminatidera by teleifrauli and by menuto their tubordlnatQ coinmunderasImIlar order will bo Issued by the Secretary of tlio Navy providing for a duo