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How to Get and Apply a Time-based Activation Key for Cisco ASA

How to Get and Apply a Time-based Activation Key for Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA is a family of adaptive security appliances that provide firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention services. Cisco ASA devices require a license key to activate certain features and functionalities. In some cases, you may need to get a time-based activation key for a temporary period, such as for testing or evaluation purposes.

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This article will guide you through the steps to get and apply a time-based activation key for Cisco ASA using the Cisco Licensing website and the ASA command-line interface (CLI).

Step 1: Get your Product Activation Key (PAK)

The first step is to get your Product Activation Key (PAK) for the device. A PAK is a unique code that links your device serial number to the license features you purchased. You can get your PAK from one of these sources:

  • If you purchased a physical product, the PAK is printed on a label inside the product box.

  • If you purchased a digital product, the PAK is sent to you via email.

  • If you need a time-based activation key for a specific feature or functionality, you can contact the Cisco Licensing team and request one. You will need to provide your device serial number and the feature name.

You can also check your PAK status and manage your licenses on the Cisco Licensing website:

Step 2: Generate your Activation Key

The next step is to generate your activation key using your PAK and your device serial number. An activation key is a hexadecimal code that enables the license features on your device. You can generate your activation key on the Cisco Licensing website by following these steps:

  • Click on Get Licenses > Request Crypto, IPS and Other License.

  • Select Security Products > Cisco ASA 3DES/AES License.

  • Enter your PAK and click Submit.

  • Enter your device serial number and click Next.

  • Review the license information and click Fulfill.

  • You will receive an email with your activation key and instructions on how to apply it on your device.

Step 3: Apply your Activation Key

The final step is to apply your activation key on your device using the ASA CLI. You can access the ASA CLI via console, Telnet, or SSH. To apply your activation key, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the ASA CLI with privileged mode.

  • Enter configuration mode by typing conf t.

  • Type activation-key followed by your activation key. For example: activation-key 0x5376dfc2 0x99806c06 0x9d8c5acf 0xc0a4da97 0x8512c481.

  • Press Enter and confirm the activation.

  • Type wr mem to save the configuration.

  • Type show version to verify that the license features are enabled.