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Plug-Ins allow FontExplorer X Pro to auto-activate fonts within your favorite design apps. The latest and greatest plug-ins are available within the FontExplorer application, but if you need a previous version you can download it below.


1.1.3 is compatible with InDesign CC (2014) and with InDesign CC (2015), which are new versions of the application that have been recently released. Please make sure you download the CC2014 or CC2015 version and not the plain CC version.

A note about licensing. As of version 5, the script is free for personal and non-profit use but requires a purchased license for commercial use. The script employs no Digital Rights Management technology. It doesn't require a license key to work, enable features or keep the script working beyond some tryout window. On the exchange, the script is available as a free trial or a purchsed single use commercial license. The expectation is use the trial version for personal and non-profit use. Commercial users are expected to purchase the single use license or the Enterprise license. Instructions for purchasing the license are on the download page.

You will be notified when periodic updates to BalfourTools become available. Should you need to update your copy of BalfourTools, download the latest version at Then, follow the steps above in the installing BalfourTools section for installing BalfourTools to update the software over your current copy. (Do not uninstallBalfourTools when updating.)

You will be automatically notified of any updates to BalfourTools. When an update is available, the Admin can choose to automatically download and install the new version to their local extension folder. After Admin completes update, users are automatically updated to the most recent version on their next login. To manually check for updates, click on the BalfourTools menu and select Check for Update (See BalfourTools Menu on page 9.).

Firstly, look for alternative places from which to download the font file. Did you download it from a questionable website? Take a look on Google to see if you can find any alternative places to download the font. You might find that just the original version of the font that you installed was corrupt. 350c69d7ab


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