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Mahjong Garden Deluxe Full !!EXCLUSIVE!! Version

Mahjong Garden Deluxe is a nice mahjong game in which you collect flowers for your garden. Like in any mahjong game, the objective is to match identical tiles until you clear the board.

Mahjong Garden Deluxe Full Version


Mahjong Mania Deluxe is a highly customizable mahjong game. It has a simple and not very attractive user interface, but the game itself can be fully customized.

Enter a garden of mahjong pleasures with this unique, relaxing, and beautiful version of an ancient classic! Enjoy 50 custom puzzles and three different tile-matching games. Garden mode has you matching tiles with the help of free cells as you change the

However, the player will not be alone. In the rescue of birds two useful tools can greatly help him. This is "Hint" able to highlight a possible pair, and "Shuffle." The latter completely shifts the counters on the field creating new combinations.It is noteworthy that you can use the hint indefinitely. It does not impose any penalty on the player and does not take his points. But you can shuffle the tiles only three times. Player TipsDo not often use a hint. You lose the whole interest to the game.Tiles have small parts, which are different. The best solution is to play the full screen allowing you to see every dash on the knuckle.Shuffle should be used only as a last resort. Otherwise, it cannot be available at the right time. Are there difficulties? Take a hint. Control: by mouse Rating: jQuery.noConflict(); jQuery(document).ready(function() total_reiting = 4.0; ////dimasvotes_counter_dimas = 111;// id_game = "mahjong-gardens"; var star_widht = total_reiting*17; jQuery('#raiting_votes').width(star_widht); jQuery('#raiting_info h3 b').append(total_reiting);//dimasjQuery('#raiting_info h3 span').append(votes_counter_dimas);// he_voted = jQuery.cookies.get('game'+id_game); if(he_voted==null) jQuery('#raiting').hover(function() jQuery('#raiting_votes, #raiting_hover').toggle(); , function() jQuery('#raiting_votes, #raiting_hover').toggle(); ); var margin_doc = jQuery("#raiting").offset(); jQuery("#raiting").mousemove(function(e) var widht_votes = e.pageX - margin_doc.left; user_votes = Math.ceil(widht_votes/20); jQuery('#raiting_hover').width(user_votes*17); ); jQuery('#raiting').click(function() jQuery('#raiting_info h3, #raiting_info img').toggle(); // jQuery.get( " ", id_game: id_game, user_votes: user_votes, // function(data) // jQuery("#raiting_info h3").html(data); // jQuery('#raiting_votes').width((total_reiting + user_votes)*17/2);// // jQuery('#raiting_info h3, #raiting_info img').toggle(); jQuery.cookies.set('game'+id_game, 123, hoursToLive: 1); // jQuery('#raiting').unbind(); jQuery('#raiting').css("cursor","auto"); jQuery('#raiting').attr("title","You have already voted for this game."); //jQuery('#raiting_hover').hide(); ) ); else jQuery('#raiting').css("cursor","auto"); jQuery('#raiting').attr("title","You have already voted for this game."); ); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); ALL GAMES Butterfly Mahjong

Behold this relaxing garden of tile-matching games. This spectacular take on an ancient classic allows you to choose your tile sets and enjoy custom puzzles. Unlock treasures as you play, and always feel safe knowing you can get hints to help you out. You'll never tire of these games as your matching skills bloom and you blossom into a mahjong master. 350c69d7ab


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