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On Thursday 2 June at 10am is the launch of St Thomas' Book Shop. All are welcome to join us for morning tea, raffle and of course lots of great pre-loved books. 

Our special guest is James Mackay, Councillor for Walter Taylor Ward.


10.00am on the First Sunday each month for one hour in the Function Room

5 June                   

What is the Bible?

3 July                    

The Story of the Bible

7 August              

Literary Styles in the Bible

4 September          

Plot in Biblical Narrative

2 October              

Characters in Biblical Narrative

6 November           

Old Testament

4 December
New Testament

Worship News

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall 

preached on the 1st Sunday in Lent.  To read his sermon please click on the link below.

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Community News

St Thomas' Toowong has four community projects to support.


In May The Percy Collins Blanket Drive takes place. We will be devoted to getting as many blankets, pillows or warm clothing as we can. The donations will then be given to organisations that distribute food, clothing and blankets, through street vans or homeless centres. Some of the blankets will also be given to the RSPCA. New, old, second-hand, any blanket or donation for those sleeping rough will be graciously received.

DEADLINE: 5 June. Drop off is at the Parish Centre.


St Thomas' Book Shop is open on a Thursday from 10am to 3pm. The Book Shop sells pre-loved books at affordable prices across a broad range of subjects and for all age groups. The shop is managed by volunteers. There is plenty of comfy couches and chairs to sit down and enjoy a book.

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