Worship Services

St Thomas' Toowong holds two Eucharist services each week. The services are on Sunday at 8.30 am

and Wednesday at 12.00 pm. 

COVID-19 Advice

Amber (Tier 1) means there are moderate rates of community transmission and Queensland is coming off a wave or may be entering a new wave.

When the traffic light is amber, we recommend you wear a mask:

  • in healthcare settings

  • indoors, if you can't socially distance

  • on public transport

  • if you are older or medically at risk

  • if you’re around people who are vulnerable to COVID-19

  • if required by a venue or household.

People who are older or have medical conditions can be more vulnerable to serious illness if they get COVID-19.

Places where it's more likely people may have COVID-19 include healthcare settings such as hospital emergency departments and general practitioner (GP) waiting rooms.

Take a rapid antigen test (RAT) if you get COVID-19 symptoms – or every two days, if someone in your household tests positive to COVID-19.

Pastoral Support

The Parish provides pastoral, spiritual and practical assistance to it members and the wider community.

For Home Communion, pastoral support or prayer resources please telephone or email the Parish Office.

Prayer Requests

It is important to stay connected and faithful prayer is the best way to do that. If you have a prayer request please send them to the Tom Sullivan at prayeratstthomas@mail.com

Spiritual Communion (if unable to attend in person)

Using the Spiritual Communion order of service each Sunday morning at 8.30 am and 10.30 am we are able to worship at the same time. When we are not able to attend a Eucharist, our desire to do so is enough for God to grant all the benefits of the Holy Communion. 

In this way, we maintain our unity in Christ Jesus our Lord. For a copy of Spiritual Communion contact the Parish Office or go to Worship Resources page.