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Plano De Curso Ingles Ensino Medio De Acordo Com Os Cbc

How to Plan an English Course for High School Students Based on the CBC

If you are an English teacher in a high school in SÃo Paulo, you may be wondering how to plan your course according to the CBC (Conteúdos BÃsicos Comuns), which are the common basic contents proposed by the State Education Secretariat. The CBC aims to provide a reference for the curriculum organization and evaluation of the students' learning outcomes. In this article, we will explain what the CBC are, how they are organized, and how you can use them to design your English course.

plano de curso ingles ensino medio de acordo com os cbc


What are the CBC?

The CBC are a set of contents that define what the students should learn in each subject and grade level. They are based on the National Curriculum Guidelines (PCN) and the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), which are the official documents that establish the educational goals and principles for the Brazilian basic education. The CBC are not a rigid or closed curriculum, but rather a flexible and adaptable framework that can be adjusted to the local realities and needs of each school and teacher.

How are the CBC organized?

The CBC are organized into four areas of knowledge: languages, mathematics, natural sciences, and human sciences. Each area has a set of competencies and skills that the students should develop throughout their schooling. Each competency and skill is associated with a specific content that indicates what the students should know and be able to do in each subject and grade level. For example, in the area of languages, one of the competencies is "to use different languages as a way of expression, information, communication and interaction in different contexts". One of the skills related to this competency is "to identify and use different textual genres according to their communicative purpose". One of the contents related to this skill is "to recognize and produce narrative, descriptive, argumentative, expository, and injunctive texts".

How to use the CBC to plan your English course?

To use the CBC to plan your English course, you need to follow these steps:

  • Identify the competencies, skills, and contents related to English in each grade level. You can find them on the official website of the CBC here.

  • Select the contents that are relevant and appropriate for your students' needs, interests, and backgrounds. You can also add or modify some contents according to your pedagogical approach and objectives.

  • Organize the contents into units or themes that have a clear focus and coherence. You can also integrate them with other subjects or areas of knowledge.

  • Choose the methods, activities, materials, and resources that will help you teach and assess the contents. You can use different strategies such as lectures, dialogues, games, projects, videos, songs, etc.

  • Establish the learning outcomes and evaluation criteria that will measure your students' progress and achievement. You can use different tools such as tests, quizzes, portfolios, presentations, etc.

What are some examples of English courses based on the CBC?

If you are looking for some examples of English courses based on the CBC, here are some links that you can visit:

  • Curriculo Referência Minas Gerais - CBC: This website provides the CBC for different subjects and grade levels in the state of Minas Gerais. You can find the CBC for English in the area of languages and download the PDF files with the competencies, skills, and contents.

  • Plano De Curso Ingles Ensino Medio De Acordo Com Os Cbc: This document shows a possible plan for an English course for high school students based on the CBC. It includes the objectives, contents, methods, activities, and evaluation of each unit.

  • Planejamento Anual 1º, 2º e 3º Ano Ensino Médio Inglês: This website offers a yearly plan for an English course for high school students based on the CBC. It includes the general and specific competencies, skills, and contents for each grade level.

What are some challenges and opportunities of using the CBC to plan your English course?

Using the CBC to plan your English course can present some challenges and opportunities for you as a teacher. Some of the challenges are:

  • Adapting the CBC to your specific context and reality, considering the diversity and complexity of your students, school, and community.

  • Integrating the CBC with other curricular documents and guidelines, such as the PCN, BNCC, ENEM, etc.

  • Selecting and organizing the contents in a meaningful and coherent way, avoiding fragmentation and repetition.