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Transformational Reconstruction By Shingo Sato Pdf Downloadl

Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato PDF Download: A Review

If you are interested in learning a new and innovative way of pattern making, you might want to check out Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato PDF download. This book is a collection of Shingo Sato's genius in pattern design, where he shows you how to create stunning garments using a combination of flat patternmaking and three-dimensional draping techniques.

Transformational Reconstruction By Shingo Sato Pdf Downloadl

Who is Shingo Sato?

Shingo Sato is a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo. He specializes in a design technique called Transformational Reconstruction (TR), which he developed over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. He has also published three volumes of his book series, Transformational Reconstruction, which showcase his amazing skills and creativity.

What is Transformational Reconstruction?

Transformational Reconstruction is a design technique that involves transforming a basic pattern into a new shape by manipulating the darts, seams, and fabric on a dress form. The pattern maker becomes the designer with intuitive, artistic, and innovative methods. The main objective is to dismantle boundaries and rebuild without limitations.

What can you learn from Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato PDF download?

In this book, you can learn how to apply Transformational Reconstruction to various garment parts, such as bodices, sleeves, skirts, collars, and pockets. You can also learn how to create complex concepts such as origami folding, forming, layering, and precision cutting. Each chapter has a detailed explanation of the process and is accompanied by a DVD program showing how Shingo Sato does it. The book is suitable for those with intermediate or advanced skills in pattern making. d282676c82


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